CFP: AAAI-2000 Workshop on Knowledge-based Electronic Markets

Tim Finin (
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 15:11:04 -0500

                      The AAAI-2000 Workshop on
                  Knowledge-based Electronic Markets

                   Monday, July 31, Austin TX, USA

      held at the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence
    with support from the Institute for Global Electronic Commerce

                  Call for Papers and Participation

The AAAI-2000 Workshop on Knowledge-based Electronic Markets will
address the challenges, opportunities, and practical applications of
knowledge-based electronic markets (emarkets). By emarkets, we mean
markets on the Web (or large inter-enterprise private networks) where
buyers interact and transact with sellers. emarkets also include
infrastructure support and mediation services and players, e.g., for
yellow pages, catalogs, shopping search, advertising, sales
assistants, brokering, aggregation, infomediaries, reputation and
trust management, authentication, and payments. By knowledge-based, we
mean using automated techniques for knowledge representation and
reasoning, learning, and communication, e.g., in intelligent agents.

TOPICS. We encourage submissions about practical applications and
techniques, business-to-business (B2B) applications, supply chain
management, the use of XML and XML-based mark-up languages, developing
and using shared ontologies, the evolution of standards for emarkets
(e.g., for agent communication, contracts, XML-encoded information,
and domain-specific ontologies), practical recommender services, data
mining and machine learning in emarkets, online product and service
catalogs, languages and techniques for product and service
descriptions and configuration, languages and protocols for automatic
negotiation, the integration of decision support systems for emarket
applications, and discussion of relevant technical issues underlying
important policy questions such as privacy and the protection of
intellectual property.

FORMAT AND SUBMISSIONS. The workshop will be a mix of presentations,
panels and discussions. Participation will be limited and by
invitation only, with preference given to people who have submitted a
paper. We invite paper submissions of three kinds: technical papers
which report on completed or ongoing research, application
descriptions that focus on knowledge-based aspects of a prototype or
fielded application, and position papers that describe opportunities,
challenges, or problems. Accepted submissions will be included in the
workshop proceedings and will be published as a AAAI technical report.
Papers must be submitted electronically (postcript or pdf) by March
10, 2000 via the KBEM web site.

ORGANIZERS. The workshop co-chairs are Tim Finin, University of
Maryland Baltimore County (, 410-455-3522, fax:
410-455-3969) and Benjamin Grosof, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
(, 914-784-7783, Fax: 914-784-7455). A complete list
of the organizing committee and program committee is available at the
KBEM web site.

FOR MORE INFORMATION. Further details on the workshop, instructions
for submitting papers and position statements, and instructions for
requesting an invitation to participate can be obtained at the KBEM
web site ( or from one of workshop
organizers. You can also register your interest in the workshop and
subscribe to a mailing list to receive updates by sending a message to
**See for info on the ecTech mailing list.**

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