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CALL FOR PAPERS (apologies if received multiple times!):

IJCAI-01 Workshop on
Seattle, USA - August 5 2001


Two trends appear likely to transform the web as we move further into the
21st century: (1) The e-business community is creating new infrastructures
to support high-level business-to-business and business-to-consumer
activities on the web. (2) The so-called "semantic web" movement is
developing a range of proposals aimed at supporting intelligent
information-seeking and information-management operations over the web.

In the first trend, the main foci are on defining a new generation of
electronic data interchange protocols, mostly based on XML (prominent
initiatives include BizTalk, eCo, OASIS, and RosettaNet) and on creating
new kinds of e-business services such as agent-mediated b2b
e-commerce, and knowledge-driven customer relationship management.

In the second trend, the emphasis is on enriching the web's data markup
languages with knowledge representation features, to permit inference over
the content of web pages (prominent initiatives include DAML, OIL, and
RDF). Goals include the production of: internet-scale inference
mechanisms, knowledge markup languages, and active information-seeking

Viewed from a high level, these trends seem well-matched: semantic
processing of web content has the potential to widen the scope of
e-business hugely, while e-business provides a major application for the
intelligent web. However, a closer look suggests that the two trends may
not be moving towards a harmonious marriage! It is possible that the
e-business community may adopt standards ill-suited to supporting
semantic processing, and it is equally possible that the intelligent web
proposals may not meet the real needs of e-business.


The goal of this workshop is to bring together members of the e-business
and intelligent web communities to consider the current state of the two
fields, and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the
interaction between the two areas. Key questions that the workshop aims
to address are:

Strengths: What are the promises for e-business of the emerging
intelligent web technologies?

Weaknesses: Are there mismatches between the intelligent web
proposals, and what's actually needed for e-business? Are there decisions
being taken by the e-business community that may restrict exploitation of
intelligent web technology?

Opportunities: What are key areas in which to invest effort? Where will be
the biggest e-business pay-offs from using intelligent web technology?

Threats: How could failure to exploit intelligent web technology harm
growth in e-business? How might the intelligent web miss the e-business


This workshop is specifically aimed at bringing together members of two
communities: those focussed on e-business applications, particularly the
emerging applications that an intelligent web might support, and those with
an interest in providing intelligent web services. While previous
international AI conferences have hosted workshops on these individual
topics, there has not yet been a workshop designed to facilitate discussion
across all the areas, and to consider risks as well as opportunities.


The workshop is planned to include four kinds of session:

Invited talks: Prominent members of the e-business and intelligent web
communities will set out their stalls.

Technical papers: Developers will present emerging e-business and
intelligent web technologies.

Application papers: Practitioners will review lessons-learned in exploiting
current e-business and intelligent web solutions.

Panel/discussion sessions: Key issues will be debated by panellists and
the workshop participants as a whole.

One of the planned sessions will be a shared session between this
workshop and the workshop on Ontologies and Information Sharing.

Submissions will be posted on this website in advance of the event. In most
cases, presentations will be kept short, with speakers requested to
highlight only key contributions, in order to set aside the maximum possible
time for discussion and interaction.


Contributions to the workshop can be either technical papers or statements
of interest:

Statements of interest should not exceed 3 pages in IJCAI format.
Please indicate clearly if your paper is intended to be a statement of

Technical Papers should not exceed 12 pages in IJCAI format.

All submissions should be made electronically if possible, either by email
attachment or URL, and preferably in PDF or Postscript format. Only if
electronic submission is impossible should you send three hardcopies. All
submissions must be sent to the primary workshop contact, Alun Preece, at
the address below.

Please indicate if you would like your paper considered for the joint session
with the workshop on Ontologies and Information Sharing.


10 Feb 2001 Sumission of papers and statements of interest
15 March 2001 Notification of acceptance
15 April 2001 Camera-ready papers


Alun Preece (Co-chair / Primary Contact)
University of Aberdeen
Department of Computing Science
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
Phone +44 1224 272291
Fax +44 1224 273422

Dan O'Leary (Co-chair)
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Dieter Fensel
Division of Mathmatics & Computer Science
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Jim Hendler
Program Manager
Arlington, VA, USA

Robert Plant
University of Miami
Department of Computer Information Systems
Coral Gables, FL, USA

Rudi Studer
University of Karlsruhe
Institute AIFB
Karlsruhe, Germany


Grigoris Antoniou, Griffith University, Australia
Richard Benjamins,, Spain
Stefan Decker, Stanford University, USA
Frank van Harmelen, AIdministrator, The Netherlands
Matthias Klusch, DFKI, Germany
Craig Knoblock, University of Southern California, USA
Sergei Melnik, Stanford University, USA
Steve Minton, Fetch Technologies, USA
Luc Moreau, University of Southampton, UK
Bob O'Keefe, Brunel University, UK
Paul O'Brien, BT, UK
Tuomas Sandholm, Carnegie-Mellon University, USA
Nigel Shadbolt, University of Southampton, UK
Carles Sierra, IIIA-CSIC, Spain
Katia Sycara, Carnegie-Mellon University, USA
Mike Uschold, Boeing, USA

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